Considers quality as the management instrument through which activities are planned and developed. In this way, compliance with the legal requirements and the specifications of our products is achieved, while at the same time obtaining the satisfaction of our customers, with adequate protection of the Environment and always keeping in mind the Health and Safety of the employees.

There is an Integrated Management System in place, which encourages the systematic application of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, on all activities carried out and is a reference for all.

In order to achieve and maintain this vision, the organization acquires the commitment to:

Ensure that customers' needs are met and obtain the highest level of satisfaction. - Continuously improve the Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and the Prevention of Occupational Risks, in order to offer customers better products and services, more respectful with the environment and with better safety performance and workers' health.

Comply with the legislation applicable to the activities carried out and with those voluntary requirements that are agreed.

Develop the activities reducing the environmental impacts associated with the processes.

Increase the awareness of employees towards the established quality requirements, with the environmental criteria implemented and with the current Occupational Risk Prevention Law, promoting participation and information. Provide the necessary resources to achieve the established objectives and goals. Adopt the commitment to prevent pollution and prevent damage and deterioration of health, integrating it into our work methods and procedures.