Optima Recycling Solutions


Optima Recycling Solutions (ORS) manufactures shredders and complete waste recycling solutions for plastics, wood, paper, textiles, industrial and household waste.

ORS is the result of three entrepreneurs having accumulated their joint experience of 50 years. Their purpose is to manufacture high-quality machines and continuously develop the most optimal machines on the market.

ORS team has manufacturing experience in several European countries, but mainly in the Basque Country, where the metal industry has a long and significant manufacturing history since the late 1800s.

ORS primarily focuses on the quality of the machines and capacity, i.e. the customer can shred and process their raw materials with the highest possible technical availability. The shredded raw material is usually used for fuels for boilers or heaters, plastic recycling or revaluation of any soft material, for later sale.

ORS attributes great importance to understanding the customer's needs and often acts as purchasing advisor. It is common for customers to need a complete solution, which means feeding, decomposing, separating, and storing the material. For example, conveyor belts, pre-shredder, secondary shredder, screens, air separators, silos, etc. ORS has broad experience and many references in complete construction work including assembly and startup.